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Guillermo Mosquera is the Head Instructor / Head Coach and President of the Florida Taekwondo College ChampionLife Martial Arts Facility.

He began his martial arts training at a very young age when in 1978, his parents decided to enroll him in Judo for fitness and to learn self defense.  By 1980, he transitioned to a larger school that offered Taekwondo, Korean Karate and Judo led by legendary Grand Master Byung Ho Choi.  Mosquera earned his 1st degree Black Belt in 1985.  He continued training through the years and by 1990 was an assistant instructor to the Master and a full time competitor in the newly adopted Olympic sport of Taekwondo.  In 1991, Guillermo made his first Junior National Team.  In 1994, Guillermo won the feather weight US National Championship and the feather weight US Collegiate National Championship.  He became a member of the US Collegiate National Team.  In September of 1994, Guillermo opened the doors of the Florida Taekwondo College with the full support of his family.  While instructing full time, Guillermo would go on to continue his competition career and in 1996, became the first Florida born world medallist when he achieved the Bronze medal at the 1996 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Below you will find some of Guillermo Mosquera's accomplishments throughout his career in competitive Taekwondo.

1994 US National Champion

1994 US National Collegiate Champion

1994-95 US Collegiate National Team

1994 National Team to Collegiate Goodwill Games Seoul, Korea

1995 US Open Bronze Medalist

1995 US Olympic Festival Gold Medalist Colorado Springs

1995 US Team to SNK Cup Osaka, Japan Bronze Medalist

1996 US Team to World Cup Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Bronze Medalist

1996 Florida State Athlete of the Year

1996 Festival Olimpico de Verao Bronze Medalist Copacabana, Brazil

1998 US Open Bronze Medalist

1998 City Of Barcelona Vice Champion

1999 US Olympic/PanAm Weights National Gold Medalist

2000 US Olympic Nationals for Sydney 2000 Games Champion

2000 US Olympic Trials for Sydney 2000 Games 3rd position finisher

2001 US National Championship Bronze medalist

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